Friday, 11 November 2011

Rockstar unleashed!

Can't believe I just watched Rockstar! Reason? Well, it was not what I had expected it to be. But what I went through in those two and a half hours was stupendous. It was nothing like an Imtiaz Ali movie, rather it was way beyond that. With this, he has entered into a new arena and has added a new genre to the world of movies.

Socha na tha, Jab we met, Love aaj kal are some of his greatest works. The audience applauded the work and he became the generation next filmmaker. But what I fail to understand is whether he himself was satisfied with his creations. I don't think so. Because Rockstar has completely transcended new heights. I cannot say if it will be a box office super hit, but it has definitely scored a home run in thinker's game.

The movie opens with an intriguing story between a "seedha sadha" hinduite, Janardan Jakhar (Ranbir) and a sophisticated stephenian, Heer (Nargis) who go on a maddening stroll to discover each other's wild side. From watching films like "Junglee Jawani" to drinking "desi thara", from crazy bike rides to dirty dancing, they do it all to celebrate Heer's bachelorhood of few months before she gets married to a hot shot in Prague.  And as always, they fall for each other and even contemplate to run away on the wedding day. And this part, this decision of what is right/wrong was the highlight of the movie. Running away is wrong, but marrying a person  you don't love is right. These are the so called regulations of this society.. Heer goes on to marry this prague guy and JJ continues to struggle to find his way to become an artist. Roaming through the streets of Delhi, from Hazrat Nizamuddin to old Delhi and then through CP. Eventually, he discovers his inner voice which was required to become an artist. A music company's contract, fame, money, he has them all. And yet, there was no feeling of fulfillment. And on the other end, Heer is diagnosed with some fatal disease. Both of them missed that spark, that wild factor. But they could not be together as they are inhabitants of an organized society.

My view : It is all about de-conditioning. Rules and regulations are made to keep things in order. As kids, we are taught about various rights and wrongs. But what we are not taught is that once you have a steady head, unlearning is the way to learn. From this point, decisions should no longer be weighed as right/wrong, provided you have a steady mind!


  1. Nice one Bhuvika :) Although it has no effect on my decision of watching the movie. Also, I failed to connect the dots between the rock-cum-love story and your moral at the end.
    I'm assuming that this is a movie review and not just a praise-thee-director blog :p You could've kept the director and his movie's praise for the end to summarize all the "good" points. I somehow felt that the author is somewhat baised when he starts his "blog or review" with the praise. Rest, I like the moral of the story about unlearning things.
    I'd like to add more points after watching the movie.

  2. Thanks DC, critics are always invited :)
    It was never meant to be a movie review but i totally agree with "praise-thee-director blog" point as I'm a die hard fan of Imtiaz Ali.
    And yes, there is a disconnect between the story and the moral. This one part is the crux of the movie and it was implicit so I think I'll have work on those skills.

  3. I'm now looking forward to more amazing blogs. Keep up the work..err.. Good work :)