Tuesday, 31 January 2012

is it the time that passes or is it us

I am an avid reader. I do not read a specific genre of books, neither do I have a list of favorite authors. Reading any random stuff is like feeding my thoughts.

With the onset of winter, I replace my summer clothes in wardrobe with winter clothes and its usually the only time when I clean my closet. I generally use newspapers as shelf covers. Replacing the old newspapers with new ones is like an activity that happens twice in an year. Last month, while doing this daunting task, I came across an article in the old newspaper which was about 6 months old and I could actually recall the last time when I had read that article. That is when this thought struck my mind - is it the time that has passed or is it me? That newspaper article is still there but I have lived for 6 more months.

Just change the point of reference from the time to yourself. The world has always been there, no matter whether in a primitive form like the nebula or in a developed state as it is today. It is us who move towards the end...

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