Saturday, 21 December 2013

Dhoom 3 - the Pout Movie

So whats the whole hullabaloo about this one??? Is it the perfectionist Aamir Khan, is it the sexy Katrina Kaif or is it - this is a family business and we cannot really chuck you out - Uday Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan? No brownie points for guessing because its neither of the above mentioned reasons..

It is the thing called marketing and pure marketing. And how??

The music videos are not released and are kept in wraps to keep the audience guessing. Well, it might be termed as the latest movie marketing technique but in this case that is all the movie was about and had the videos been released earlier, there wouldn't be much left to watch out for.

The first half of the movie might be mistaken to be a Rohit Shetty Tollywood'sh movie with a little lesser budget. Why? Because there were automobile stunts, the only difference being that this time the automobile was our very own desi auto rickshaw.. Come on Adi, you could have paid them a little more..

If that is so, why would an actor like Aamir Khan choose to do such a movie? "I do not choose movies, I choose scripts" well, I will have to give a benefit of doubt for some really cool dialogues and the chor - police game which is all about the loser police chasing the mighty chor and watching his stunts awestruck and dumbfounded. I wish a little attention had been paid to the robbery execution and not just the biking stunts. Oh yes biking!! the movie has some really cool biking stunts and why not, how would you promote the BMW bikes otherwise.. I just hope the Chicago Police does not sue Yashraj Films for showing them so loser like..

And, how can I miss Katrina Kaif, the marketing guys' latest tool. The 'kamli' song will definitely take the audience by storm. Brilliant acrobatics and amazing performance. But wait, is that all that Katrina Kaif is about? I thought this was the chance for her to go from "Boom to Dhoom" but unfortunately it did not happen. We all know she is much more than just a marketing gimmick and its high time she started showing some substance rather than being just a dancing doll.

Its good that Uday Chopra has started looking for a job in other professions, perhaps Abhishek Bachchan should take a leaf from his book.

If you're still wondering whats with the title.. Well, pouting seems to be the way to perform action stunts , be it Aamir Khan or Abhishek Bachchan.. or maybe they have been attending a lot many page 3 parties of late..

Watch it if you are a hard core bollywood fan with songs and actors dancing around, so-called entertainment (please do not throw pop corns at Abhishek Bachchan), some really good cinematography and of course, Katrina Kaif. With such a recipe, the movie is likely to score a home run at the box office!!

All in all, it was all-show-and-no-go!! To wrap up, all I can say is - I missed you Hrithik.