Thursday, 3 November 2011

Life always "appears" to be faster in the other lane!

Today, on my way back home, I practically swapped sides and implemented "grass always looks greener on the other side". I always understood the meaning of this saying but never got a chance to see it happen.

While driving through South extension, I usually keep to the right lane to avoid the market rush. For the past one week, I was beginning to realize that the middle lane was smoother than the right one. Just like a normal human being, today I thought of shifting to the middle lane from the right one. And woohoo! My car was sailing on the road. It was a smooth, delightful ride which is a luxury in rush hours. No braking, no shifting to second gear from the third and then moving to first. My feet were dancing on the accelerator and my palms were resting on the wheel. But my happiness was short lived. At a distance of few meters, I saw that an SUV had broken down. And this "apparently" good looking lane had turned into an awful sight. You guessed it right! The right one was as smooth as ever.

And came the learning. There is much more to things than what we see. One has to be in that situation in order to be its judge. We have a zillion possibilities in front of us, but whatever culminates into real situations is perfectly balanced. If not today, then maybe tomorrow. So if you are looking forward to enjoy a bowl full of cherries in an "apparently" better lane of life, be prepared to taste the sour ones too. 

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