Tuesday, 4 October 2011

a second chance

Quite often used statement "life always gives you a second chance", it does, indeed. And before you start recalling all kinds of life saving incidents that might have happened with you and changed your life for good, let me tell you nothing of that sort happened with me. Its a plain and simple incident, but the learning is remarkable.

Everyday I spend good four hours in travel. Using various modes of transport, ranging from private to public, my travel is a potpourri of almost everything, be it the people, the areas, the infrastructure and yes, my own thoughts. Call it the height of my optimism or the adaptive human nature, these four hours are the best hours of my day.

One of the most important part of my journey is the Delhi Metro. Today, while rushing to catch the train when I reached the platform, the train was just about to leave. Just like any other sane person, I did not step in as the doors were in the process of closing. So I just stood there waiting for the digital meter to display the time left for the next train to arrive. At the same time, I started thinking of ways to utilize this waiting time. First thought was reading "I have a dream" and the other thought was that of a calf muscle workout (weird it may sound, but yes i do it :P). Before I could weigh the two options, something made me turn around. And guess what! The train was right there with doors open as if calling me to embrace. Happy as ever, I got in :)

So whatever we do, we might not taste success in the first go. But we get a number of opportunities to do it, we just have to turn around at the right moment. If you are not able to make it at first, do not call it a failure. Rather, add one more step to the whole process :) 

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