Sunday, 14 August 2011

"Aakarshan" of Aarakshan

There is this dialog from the movie Music n lyrics, "inspiration is for amateur writers". Well if that is the case then I would love to be an amateur writer, forever. Writing to me is not a hobby and neither a pass time. Its just penning down (read typing) my aura.

Today's inspiration is the movie Aarakshan coupled with the soothing weather. Prakash Jha is an unsaid favorite so whenever his movies are on the floor they become a part of my to-do list. I really admire his style of portraying the social issues and then attacking them with solutions in his movies. Not that no one else knows the solution, its just that he shows it is possible, if only you have the will and courage to do it.  The burning issue of reservations is close knit with our lives be it education or employment. I, myself could not clear any of the medical entrances. And it would be unfair for me to say that reservation was the soul reason for that but yes, it was one of the reasons. All I could say back then was, "somebody made these laws at a point of time when this must have been the need of the hour. After these many years, why do we still need them?" But today i know that if this is a disadvantage for us it must be a brownie for someone else. And that is the way things work. But since we are resilient, we move on and do not do anything about it. I did the same.
But this was a movie. Everything was rosy and ended happily.

Movies, to me, have always been a mode of communication. A medium for exchange of ideas. The idea that i got from the movie is that we are still untapped. There is a lot that needs to be done and we can do it. All we need to do is free ourselves from the shackles of this "chalta hai yar, mera kya jata hai" attitude. We are born for a reason.

I didnt plan to write this on the eve of independence day but its just come out. Maybe this also has a reason.


  1. Nice post :)
    Rather i would say nice way of thinking about things and extract out what "U" want