Friday, 20 May 2011

just like that

Phew!! After so much pestering by a "one of my best friends" i'm trying my hand at blogging. I'v been into writing ever since I was a kid but never posted it online. And, probably because I thought my writings are "not that good" I kept it to myself. But "The Secret" has completely changed my perception of my writings and I am here.

Just like any other 23 year old I'm ambitious, want to win the world, a movie freak, a music lover, a little impatient, a believer. And I want to do just everything. My to-do list is like a sun's ray, it has a start but no end. I want to be a guitarist, a dance queen, a writer, a biker, a photographer, a philosopher, an advertiser and ....

But what I do is nowhere close to this. None of it. There was a time when I loved travelling but the choked roads, the snarls, the race to reach work or home makes me go crazy. I travel for about 3-4 hours everyday to work thinking of "what am i doing to myself". When I come back home I say "wasted another day of my life". I sit back and ponder when will that day come when I'l be free from doing what i do not want to do. I was suffering from this "i do not want to do this" syndrome until i read "The Secret".

Everything that comes your way, comes because you choose it. Everything that happens is first created in your mind and then in your life. I might not have achieved all my goals but I have the courage, the strength, the zeal to follow them. Its not always the destination that matters, at times there are moments to be savored and lessons to be learnt from the journey.
I am no councellor or a motivational speaker but I'm surely a "believer". I believe in myself. I believe I can win the world, only if I wish to.

It is time to make careful choices and start following them. Helped me a lot, hope it does the same for you.


  1. Nice start friend....
    Keep going like this...
    I think U can inspire a lot others...
    One of those influenced is writing this comment...
    God Bless :)

  2. Good start Bhuvika
    I am already waiting to read your next blog:)

  3. Time to change the gear of "life" and change the lanes :)